About me

To introduce myself, my name is Evanson Mwangi. I’m 41 years old, I was born in Kenya in the East of Africa. My father ran a motor sales company and my mum was a teacher, they were both well educated and financially stable and always inspired me and my two brothers to the importance of good education.

I finished my primary education among the top 100 students int he country and got a place in one of the best international schools but being brought up and educated in the rural areas and English not being my first language I struggled a lot to express myself and get along with other expatriates and diplomatic children from different countries.

English is not the national language in Kenya and is only taken as a subject from class 3, the national language which is Swahili wasn’t taken as a subject in my time until I was in class 5 so I pressured myself into learning English to another level and on managed to get the best grades in grammar and literature for my A level in the whole school. I participated a lot in drama and music festivals and won many awards in my 4 years in high school among them best actor nationally in drama and best duet in music  which lifted my interests to be an artist.

I was accepted to University but due to tension in the government and within the education system that caused regular riots and shut downs at main Universities in Kenya I decided not to join the degree course offered in food and beverage production and went for various diploma courses with hopes to getting a job quickly.

I joined my aunt who was casting with one national TV series and appeared in a few series as an extra which gave me a clear theatre experience and what is done in production. I wasn’t so focused in acting and I was still in college so I stopped appearing on the series and joined an international dance group which gave me a wider experience in music, dance, culture, choreography and stage performance.

In summer 1998 I was invited with the dance group to perform in European folk festivals for 3 months and I did shows all over France, Belgium, Italy, Germany and Holland the went back to Kenya. In January 2000 I came to the United Kingdom and settled in London for a year before moving to Oxford city where I enrolled back to college, got married and started a family.


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