Middlesex University; BA Film Video and Interactive Arts -Year 1

My successful completion of the foundation course changed the offer of a place at Middlesex University from conditional to unconditional allowing me to progress onto any BA programme of my choice. I had already made up my mind and enrolled straight to BA Film Video and Interactive Arts to be taken at Cathill campus. This programme was a bit different from what I had in the foundation class where I was required to attend everyday from 9am to 5pm but this changed to 3 days a week with just 3 modules which involved lectures, screenings, seminars, group discussions and on and off university projects including research that required  a good preparation, commitment and devotion to meet the requirements with deadlines and penalties to be considered.

This programme started in September 2010 and we had an induction at Cat hill campus on the1st week in October and teaching started almost immediately. Modules taken included MDA 1909; Media Arts Practice1 with part 2 to be taken in the 2nd semester, MDA 1906; Film Studies: Themes and Ideas and MDA 1916; Communicating in Film. We were introduced to the programme leader, teaching staff in class and the technicians in the digital media workshop we had a briefing on what was expected for the programme  including learning, teaching, academic support, attendance, assessment schedule, grading criteria, policy on lateness and conduct.

This programme’s aims were to develop creative film, video and interactive projects of the students own design developing critical and technological skills that enable them to initiate, develop and realise their projects as well as developing historic and theoretical knowledge that enables them to analyse and contexualise a diverse range of cultural products in film, video and interactive arts. This was intended develop the professional skills to work flexibly creatively and effectively in groups or on our own.

Teaching included specialist and tutor directed reading and viewing lists, participating in practical workshops and working through the processes involved, presenting ideas and engaging in debates with other students both in tutorials and other supervisions.

Assessment was done in practical film projects with audience analysis, essay writing and seminar presentations. Our 1st brief in media practice  in term 1 was to work in groups select and recreate a 3 minute section of a film sharing the roles of producer, director etc amongst ourselves. This was quite challenging as we didn’t even know where to tout for characters either paid or unpaid and being in our 1st year we were running a very low budget on production.

We had a fair feedback compared to other groups in class and we learned through mistakes receiving a warning to always have a plan B and allowing more time for post production, checking our footage on every take and keeping as much footage as possible to avoid wasting time on re shoots.

Just before the end of year1 we got the news that Cathill campus will close down in May 2011 and this programme will transfer to Hendon campus where we were to begin the 2nd year in October.

Below is a clip we recreated from the Matrix.



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