Film Research and Context

Film Research and Context focused on how the student consider the film cultural sector specifically on career and employability, drawing together research skills developed earlier in this programme.

Contextual studies are based on individuals research and formulated to defined personal briefs designed to prepare for employment. Research and context studies are characterised by critical reflections in relation to a research project.

Personal Development Portfolio is required to present evidence of development since level 1 which can be presented to a potential employer in the final year of this programme.

This module aims to consolidate and further develop research skills preparing for both my dissertation project and for employment. also to increase knowledge about contexts within which the film creative sector operates e.g. finance, distribution, marketing and exhibition and to bring to completion production development portfolio in a form that meets my objectives in relation to further career development and employment.

I’ve gained the knowledge of film within the context of the industry and wider cultural sector with a particular focus on employability. Developed critical self reflection in relation to research and contextual studies. I’ve gained skills in completing a quality pdp suitable for presentation at a job interview.

I had 5 assessments in this module, 3 formative ones in class a critical reflection, a group presentation and an essay draft. Finally are 2 summative assessments a 2000 words essay and a personal development portfolio.


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