Film Theory

Film Theory is meant to provide us as students with an opportunity to reflect on the themes,ideas and debates earlier explored in the course, providing an overview of some complex and multiple theoretical foundations of film studies academically.

This gives us the knowledge of understanding complex relationships between theory and creative practice, specific theories and the critical practices they have generated and how aspect of film making has been shaped historically by different theoretical shifts.

We developed skills in applying film theories to the analysis of film work, reflecting critically on this application of theory and the relation of theory to practice. Also developed advanced reading and applied thinking skills and skills in articulating complex ideas effectively in oral and written work.

We had 3 assignments in this module a 2000 word essay to demonstrate a critical engagement and research into a topic previously covered in the module making use of research material and bibliographical sources to create a coherent argument based on a 5 min film extract. The 2nd essay was to demonstrate a historic awareness of how certain ideas and theories developed and finally I gave a presentation in class on methodology for my dissertation project.


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