Future Goals

So far I feel privileged to have come this far with a lot of challenges, knowledge and experience. I have learned a lot that is required in the film industry to meet the audience’s taste and demands.

My main plan is to return back home to Kenya join some of the already established film production companies and lift up their production level since the way films are made by local people in Kenya would barely impress any audience outside the country. I have spoken to some foreign production companies and film directors based in Kenya and they are all willing to have me in their film production team.

I have drafted a few stories that I’m aiming to bring up for production with the right production team, there is every chance to change the way people see films in my country, meanwhile I’m currently working with a North London voluntary production group on a web series Brothers with no game as a sound recordist and a DOP which we are hoping to sell to some TV stations in future we have already done 8 episodes watched by more than 75000 people on you tube in the last 10 months.

Below is a link to episode 6 of Brothers with no game web series.



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