Director of Photography, Sound Recording and Editing

In my final year term in 1 I took my first role as a Director of Photography in “Red Cup” a film by Tom Stock. It was very interesting as the story was good, we had university students casting in a house party and the crew was all from my class, we had the best team work I ever worked with before and in a days shoot we managed to get enough footage for a 5 minute film we even changed the groups name to last minute miracle productions for the amazing work done in a day, I had done tutorials on how to use the Canon 7D camera an therefore had no issues with my role with perfect directing from Tom.

Below is a link to “Red cup”


Same term i did sound recording and lighting for a 10 minute short film “Procrastination” directed by Dale Brondie. Sound recording with zoom HN4 worked perfect on my role, I was familiar with it, its quite hardy and easy to operate while still operating the boom. I used Rode boom mic on boom pole with the wind the breaker on and since it was an interior shoot I didn’t experience any issues with the wind.

Here is a link to “Procrastination”


I’m in production level for my final dissertation project and I will be editing the film at middlesex university digital media workshop well equipped and prepared to go ahead with it and done a lot of tutorials online and with the technicians from the workshop.

Also in the same year in term 2 i was sound recordist and boom operator in Sonia Paladini’s short film “Holly Water” I used the zoom H4N sound recorder and rode directional microphone on boom which gave an excellent output in the films sound.

Here is a link to “Holly Water”


My final project was feature film “Afua’s Diary” a romantic drama shot here in London produced ans directed by my fellow student in BA Film 2013 which is now in post production, i was the sound recordist and boom operator. this was the most challenging film I’ve ever been involved due its level of production.

Below is a link to the trailer please use afua as password.



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