Producing and directing

In year 1 I took the role of a producer on our 1st assignment to make a 3 minute unisex watch commercial targeted for teenagers. It was quite a task to think what kind of a watch would  attract both boys and girls at this age bearing in mind they are either in high school or in college so I had to consider the price over fashion and other factors relating to teenagers in the 21st century. We met the brief and delivered quite a good finished film on DVD.

In year 2 after doing the research at the Somali social club for my Documentary films, Television and video production module, my colleague Daniel withdrew from the university and I had to go for my plan B since I couldn’t do it alone. After Dan refused to respond to my emails I informed my tutor and was granted permission to go ahead with my 2nd idea.

Below is our communication notes and my production planning for the brief.

Assignment 1-Two make a meal.

Evans mwangi 05/11/2011
Hi Daniel
please call me we arrange to kick start the assignment.or we can meet up on Monday at uni
I have a class from 10-12 then I’m free.


Dan  14/11/2011
Oh yeah I can meet you at 11.45 tomorrow at Hendon.

Subject: RE: my number
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2011 13:50:30 +0000

Subject: RE: my number
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2011 00:34:10 +0000


Sorry have not replied sooner, we should meet on Thursday when we have lectures and just go through it, I’ve got all the editing software on my computer so we just have to film the thing.



My 2nd idea. Documentary

RE: Documentary‏

Tom mcg






To: evans mwangi
Cc: David Heinemann
Hi Evanson,

I suggest that you now progress on your own documentary with Bernard.

Can you send me a revised production schedule asap.

Many thanks,

From: Tom McGorrian
Sent: 05 April 2012 12:36
To: evans mwangi
Cc: David Heinemann
Subject: RE: Documentary

Hi Evanson,

When I last spoke to you and Daniel you both assured me that your documentary was progressing well - so this is a surprise!

I will contact Daniel about his attendance and, in the meantime, I'm happy for you to progress on a new doc idea working on your own.


From: evans mwangi []
Sent: 05 April 2012 10:33
To: Tom McGorrian
Subject: Documentary

Hi Tom,
I'm having a serious problem with my producer (Daniel) on the Somali club documentary.
I can't get hold of him and we ain't got much time to film and edit. So far we have at least one more interview to do and he's gone blank on me.
Please ask him to get in touch with me asap or else I will go solo.
Is it OK if I go for a new idea, do the interviews get my crew, produce and direct without him?
Bernad is willing to edit for me.
Please let me know your opinion.


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I interviewed a few Kenyan sole traders in diaspora among them Mr. Kimani from Oxford who runs a motor garage buying ,selling, importing, exporting, repair and servicing of all types of vehicles. I produced, directed, filmed and edited the entire documentary “A Kenyan entrepreneur in diaspora” all on my own.

I am currently producing and directing my final dissertation project, a short drama  Lost Culture and i’m in production level at the moment having done all the research possible, done a budget, hired a screenplay writer, got the script approved by supervisor  hired a DOP, sound recordist, gaffer, runners and extras. I have auditioned my cast and had a lot of trouble finding the right people for the required roles and make them available on the day of shoot having to rely on fellow students, family and friends as many of us are busy chasing deadlines with coursework and exams.


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