Welcome to my blog.

This blog will take you to my journey towards a career in film making and all the work I’ve done and still doing before and in university. I have created separate pages each containing different tasks that I have previously been involved with.

The about me page gives a brief introduction of who I am and my background.

The page for work lists all the work I’ve done before joining the university and this is what opened the door to this career and I’ve also the jobs I’ve done alongside my time of study gaining confidence and more experience as I moved to higher levels.

The education page contains my line of education from basic school, through high school, then colleges and to universities leading to where I am now just about to graduate on BA Film.

I’ve created a Middlesex university page and listed the work and modules taken from foundation course, year 1,2 and 3.

Last but not least is my future goals page where I have talked about my career aspiration and a few bodies that I have contacted with high hopes in succeeding as a film maker upon the feedback so far received.

Finally I’ve wound up with my contact page that has all my current details.

I hope you will enjoy going through my journey.